~This Slanted Land~ Chapter Pt. 4 …November the Month of Voodoo


But something deep inside said something else…

“ I wonder, “ Lis pondered aloud, “ How long Perry the Panhandler has been here? Do you think when he was young he dreamed? And if he did, did his dreams consist of well…?”

“Trees?” Thorne smirked referring to his wooded refuge.

“No,” Lis laughed a bit at Thorne’s smart ass interjection, “… Well yeah, kinda… the whole homelessness thing…How does that happen?…” Lis said speaking her thoughts as she watched the broken soul man scurry back to his singular solitude. ” Where is the world in his reality?” she continued as her sight was drawn to the lost lines within the park.

“ We could ask him. But, I don’t know if he’ll be able to provide the prophetic understanding that you’re looking for, “ Thorne said bringing her back from the daze of the oncoming evening. Thorne knew the wayward wonder of Lis’s world, the questioning vision in her eyes and undying need for understanding. He found this quality about her endearing yet odd as he knew it’s reasoning resided somewhere deep in a darkness…

Such as, Lis was taken with the idea of crosswinds. She believed that one thought  or happening could blow a whole whirlwind catharsis of feelings that affected everyone within its breeze. Whether it pertained to them or not, they would respond. Was it a grand plan or just coincidence? She didn’t know but was always aware of the trace-like reactions in those caught in the aura. If one could bridle this black magic the power might be boundless..

Also, November Lis believed to be the month of fates and voodoo.

The prelude to the conclusion. A standstill before the end.The waiting room of the now before the future takes hold of the present and turns it to past.

Where anything could happen to twist the plot of what was real and what was to come…..


“ Do you think the last thing he was stable for was the night that he proposed to his girlfriend and she left him?” Lis asked returning her attention to Thorne.

“ Well, either that or a bad hit of acid, or you know, it’s possible he had one to many glasses of our fine Richmond water. Lead poisoning can do scary things to a young mind, “ he answered in an authority on the subject tone.

“ I think you could be right.  Might I interest you in a glass of water before we go out tonight. We’ll call it an experiment into your psyche,” Lis replied a little more lighthearted.

“ Funny and as appealing as it would be to be a guinea pig in that precocious experiment, will you look at the time? We’re expected. “

In an instant Lis and Thorne picked themselves up off the bench and were on their way down the road to the Village.


The sun had completely laid itself to rest and the crescent moon had taken its place as Lis and Thorne entered the Village. The Village, which had basically become their second home was a small rectangular cafe with wooden booths running length-wise. As they entered the front doors,  voices raised in a smoke filled haze that created conversation.

Lis stopped at a booth to say “ Hi” to her friend, Rina…. Rina and her roommate, Beth. They had already started on a pitcher beer, a proper beginning to the evening. They were giggling as they talked about another friend’s failed attempts to woo some girl. Lis figured it must have been a funny story, but their conversations was running together. She was yet to be at their heightened state of humor, yet….

As the cauldron of this place and time was about to be mixed with


This Slanted Land

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