~ThisSlantedLand~ Ch.1 Pt. 8 “The malicious are among us now”

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Then, the door crept opened as the glimmering glow of candle light danced about its entrance.

A wistful whisper beckoned them from the darkness, “ Entrez visitors.” Lis felt these words like a cold shiver up her spine. “ Don’t be shy, you are welcome and…expected….”

A seductive long black haired boy emerged from the listless illumination. His sight soothed Lis’s silent startle. It was Brian.

Brian was a daring dark eyed art student that lived on the 9th floor of Lis’s dorm. They shared a few classes and an unspoken understanding.   Lis was drawn to Brian, not for his nicely Indian featured face but more so for his alluring charm of “off-balancement” . She often found herself just staring rather observing him as his mad genius mischievousness fascinated her.

He, like his work had a presence of abstract realistic uncanniness. Stories intertwined with soul, visibly invisible to the rest of the world, telling truths that no one like to be told.

Some nights they would sit in his room with all the windows open so the air flowed un-braced but not brash. Shooting back Jack Daniels, discussing what kept them grounded and their need for connection. His insights prompted Lis to see two sides to a coin and the randomness of its flipping motion. One moment he was lost in the histories of his fantasies, and the next he was explaining Newton’s law of gravity, all the while his outlandish thoughts were thrown into conversation. But, no matter how outlandish his thoughts when linked together they unveiled an intellectual, spiritual eye-opening vision of view.


   “ What brings you these ways travelers? A cup of fear, a cup of hate, to stir up our line of fate on this full crescent night?” Brian said, with a melodic rhythm to his voice. Kiefer’s eyes a blaze locked to Brian’s look. In response, Brian chuckled a bit,   “ I see, “ he said taking a swig off of a red wine bottle, the nectar he held in the hand of his heart while with a small gesture he motioned them in with the right.

Kiefer entered immediately. Thorne looked to Lis sharing a glimpse of intrigued and followed suit.  Lis facing the doorway fell shy of movement. Was she scared?

Taking notice Brian held out his hand, “ Come, do not be held by your hesitation. in order for the journey to unfold you must first cross the threshold…”


Taking Brian’s hand Lis allowed her self to be led. In a moment’s flash she was blinded by the blunt of blackness. Joining her friends her focus was found in the flicker of candle lights that lined a now lit living room revealing a mini masquerade of madness: two blond girls, Lis knew in passing, and a guy, she may have shared a joint with.

In Lis’s shadow of vision their faces appeared to be in distorted animation. Unaware of onlookers the cast of craziness were lost in low laughter echoing  devilish tones. It was as if they were playing a game of telepathic-telephone, passing secrets of mischief and passive aggressive mayhem as their empowered prowess was projected at another girl, Lee left alone across the room in a red round chair.

It was obvious the coffee table coven had offered her an initiation of cruelty that surely she accepted without question.  Acceptance was what Lee was always seeking. Her effort must have been unsuccessful as she sat silently in solitude staring at the ceiling. Her eyes wide & 
watered as if she were a deer downed on a cold dark night…


Lis, Thorne, and Brian stood in stare of the table tyrants as Kiefer slipped away in to the back bedroom.

“ You three planning to partake in the soiree next door? It seems to be the source of this evening’s malice,” Brian inquired.

“ Yes,” replied Lis, “ but I believe the malicious are among us now”.

“ Touche, “ Brian agreed following Lis’s line of sight, “ Well said and or observed my golden-winged one. They are indeed playing the methodical crystal game tonight.”

Suddenly the bedroom door slammed shut shaking the group from their gaze and for a minute the mad were muted.

In the silence Lis could hear a hum… She didn’t know what, but something was coming…

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