Month: February 2015

#RatScratchFever #FoodForTheGods

CHECK IT OUT! <p style="text-align:centThis is a cool Rat Scratch Fever mention from a fellow wordpress peep. “Tasha as the lead goes thru a variety of emotions and always has this vulnerable,but menacing undertone.” *I think that is one of my favorite statements ever about my performance, vulnerable, but menacing ūüôā -Thank you¬†Chris¬†Mackey YOU ROCK […]


#RatScratchFever #French :)!

Found this awesome #French website that reviewed my very first Jeff Leroy movie RAT SCRATCH FEVER Apparently this says: Tasha benefits from beautiful directing moments. This is part in the movie where the evil is beginning to take over my my body. As I am the queen of the rats! ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† […]