Jeff Leroy: Slugging it out in Microbudget

Check out a little buzz on one of my fave directors JEFF LEROY!!!
I have worked with him in
“Rat Scratch Fever”
“Aliens vs Titanic”
“Dracula in a Women’s Prison”
“Frankenstein in a Women’s Prison”
& currently shooting
“Giantess Attack”

Jeff Leroy was an invaluable player in nearly all of my early Southern California movies. He shot most of them, always with style and aplomb, and always with an eagerness to take artistic risks. He also edited most of those movies, and provided digital and miniature effects as needed. He is one of the few DPs I have ever worked with who was as conversant with the history of film as myself. When I said I wanted Mario Bava-style colors in THE CRAWLING BRAIN, he knew just what I meant and delivered the goods without further explanation necessary.

crawling brain poster

Jeff is the epitome of the independent, grassroot, microbudget filmmaker guy. He is a one man band who creates over the top, effects laden marvels like nobody else is making. RAT SCRATCH FEVER is part Gerry Anderson, part Bert I. Gordon, part Sam Peckinpah, and all mind-boggling entertainment. Jeff writes, directs, creates…

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