Happy 2016! Deep thoughts from the Indie Hour AKA my radio show of blood guts & gore!

It’s a new day… It’s a new dawn… It’s a NEW YEAR

and I’m feeling GOOD!

wp-1452041728442.jpgEvery new year I have a ritual. NO blood, guts, gore or sacrafice involved, just a little reflection on the year that has past thus hopefully creating inspiration and or a theme for the year to come.

This is what I found while flipping through some periscope footage of my radio show “The Indie Hour.”

This segment was recorded about a week before my birthday in September.

I guess the new year theme now applies as a resolution.

This year I want to shift my focus, shake things up a bit. I want to create what I Iove. I want to explore ideas that inspire me. Take creative chances. No consequences. No end game.  Maybe some of my ideas will fail.  Hopefully a few will see fruition.  I’ve decided to be ok with either outcome.

What’s your resolution?

It’s time to say goodbye to the dramatics of 2015 and hello to the dynamics of 2016!


Lets ROCK this bitch!