How we became GIANT?

The making of

Giantess Attack

Check out the making out GIANTESS ATTACK

The day Jeff Leroy called and ask if I wanted to be the lead of his new film Giantess Attack, my immediate response was ” Hell Yeah!” Sure, without hesitation I wanted a lead role in a movie. Hello, actress, self explanatory. Also, considering the path of my career (the entries of this blog will explain it all) being a Giant Chick running around the screen crushing Hollywood including Scientology (you’re welcome 😜) in a bikini and silver go go  boots seemed on point for my next film endeavor.

Did I think it odd showing up for set day one aka Jeff’s apartment roof. Which Rachel and I had to climb through a death trap roof corridor via rickety gross old latter on the back of his apartment. Surprisingly, no

Little known fact: Jeff cast me in my first lead role Rat Scractch Fever.I was so happy to have booked a lead . I was even happier that movie was not a porno considering my auditon was in the “deep valley”.  But, I had never see his work (Creepies, Hell’s Highway, Alien 2000 etc). So when he took me out to the desert with my co-star Ford Austin, a camera and a bunch of weird alien and spaceship toys, I thought forsure, this may be the day I die.

Thankfully that was not the case. Little did I know this indie micro budget director guy was highly skilled old school special effects artist using similar techniques as George Lucas and Christopher Nolan.  With the use of  models, toys, puppets, his keen eye for camera  and hi-tech editing skills, Jeff is able to bring worlds to life amazingly with budgets that resemble daily catering bills on big budget features.

So without a second thought we climbed onto the roof. Not to our surprise but to our excitement stood miniature city number 1. It  was awesome!  To date it was the coolest set I had ever worked on! It was like an adult playground, an awesome replica of Sunset Blvd and Hollywood Blvd.  YES I totally had the compulsion to crush things. Yes,  we actually crushed the building and cars for real and loved it!


⬆️Check out the video above to see what I’m talking about.⬆️

And then watch


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Tomorrow, Giant special effects secrets!

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