31 Days of Halloween ~Splatter

God love Corey Feldman! He has had a rough road.

But what the hell was going on in this movie?!


Yeah so I am totally guilty of picking out Netflix horror films based on their cover photo. Don’t judge. I know I am not the only one. But, considering my indie sci-fi horror cult existence,

YES, I should know better. This pic was kinda looked cool so I clicked. Before I had a chance to double think, there he was, Corey Feldman. I thought to myself. This could go two ways.

Horribly bad as I find big name actors don’t seem to translate well into to horror cult camp genre. It just doesn’t seem to make sense in their wheelhouse. Apparently we starving artist have stronger sense of the horror humor in the low low LOW budget world. I thinks it’s our element of passion and creative drive and or insanity.

OR it could be a total cult diamond in the rough. I mean why else would Netflix put it up…

Don’t get me wrong. Goonies, Lost Boys, Stand By Me, License to Drive, I loved LOved LOVED those movies.   And, truth be told, I’ve met Corey Feldman. He is a super nice guy. Maybe just a little lost and still searching for his new niche in 2017 Hollywood. Being child superstar to respected and or just working adult actor  often proves to be a challenge. So, you know what, I don’t hate him for trying. But this movie…

seemed to be running long at 29 minutes. Cause, it was actually pilot. I didn’t realize til it was to late . I got sucked into the weird….

Gist: Rockstar kills himself . Then kills friends in memorial deathtrap, to find out his real friends, from the beyond via the guidance of his pre-taped suicide video. Then comes back from the dead w/  loyal friends and has new perspective on how to be a rock band in Hollywood  aka bad Twilight Zone / Hitchcock rip off with a little twist of Anne Rice.

Director: Joe Dante (Hawaii 5-O, Salem)

Cast: Corey Feldman, Mark Alan, Tony Todd (Candyman), Erin Way (Colony, Handmaid’s Tale), Tara Leigh, Stuart Pankin

To me it look like a group of friends got together to film a low-budget tv concept pilot on beta-max with cheap effects, a weird apartment and horrible lighting. Sure in the real indie cult world this may have worked. There is a method to madness. However said method was not present in this production. BUT apparently 10 episodes were made. Ironically, I kinda was into the storyline, minus ALL the other elements. Maybe the series could be fun…after a few vodka shots and or maybe the whole bottle.

  Although, It did get distribution…SO, no matter what, this Cult Queen says kudos to you, Corey!

I mean for real, LUCIFER, is in it’s 2nd/3rd season.

Corey might just have a shot at a reboot.

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