Who is me?

Well for starters I am a girl who’s site name was inspired by the Film “This Girls Life”.  Yep, that’s the truth for those of you wondering. For those of you who are like ??? “This Girl’s Life” was a movie released in 2003 about porn star named, Moon. She got into the business as means to an end, supporting her sickly aging father, and a desire to quell her provocative curiosity.

I found this film when I was in my oh so authentic and or my b-rO-ke ass days faze while living just off of Hollywood BLVD. No cable, No DVD player. No social media TV.  All I had to work with was an old hand me down VHS on it’s last legs. Thank you obsolete underground video store for your dollar deal bin equaling my vast love of indie and cult horror films.

All my movies for various and obvious reasons made many repeat performances. However, I found myself relating to “This Girls Life” on a personal level. No, I have no undertone adult entertainment aspirations. But I do though, have a rebellious inquisitive spirit that drew me to the story’s counter culture perspective. I related to Moon, as a strong open-minded independent seductive graceful female consciously choosing her provocative path.

I was on my own as teenager, I had to make choices that were practical and resourceful.  Being the badass rebel that I was/I am some of my choices were a bit off beat. Part of me loved living my life in the moment as an adventure. Part of me was doing what I needed to survive. Did I make mistakes? Of course, boldly.  Thankfully I have a decently level-minded introspective thought process that seemed to keep me out of trouble (for the most part).

It also helped me realize, that even when you have nothing, thinking as an individual is powerful and most definitely something. The movie reminded and or influenced me to always hold tight to that truth.

In Short:

I’m an artist. I make movies, writes stories and love social media’s availability to share thoughts, ideas and cool images.

My passion for creating helps me navigate this whirlwind world of twists and turns.  I’ve learned it through trial, error and some intense tribulations. I like to live in the moment. I like to laugh. I do often at some of my insane ideas and  the crazy situations I find myself in.

I am so intrigued by thoughts and actions that perplex and provoke the chatter of popular opinion.  I find it odd, the desire  to be in the norm. When I want nothing less than to be confined to it’s box.

It’s not that I reject the norm completely.  Please, I like make-up tutorial videos just like the next girl. But I am not limited to the commercially  imprinted glossy glow of a Kardashian smoke and mirrors state of being.

I want to see more. I want learn more. I want to do great things in life.  I want to reach people.  I want them to know they are not alone. I want kindness not to be so under-rated. I want to show people there may be possibilities where we least expect them. I want them to know someone believes in their potential. Cause sometimes that’s all it takes.

How this all happens? I have no I idea. But, boldly here I go!




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