Tasha Tacosa

31 days of Halloween ~IT

Ok, so I saw IT (2017)…. Maybe I’m the only one in the world that’s like meh…but meh. Don’t get me wrong. The filmmaking is beautiful.I mean it should be cause it cost $$$$$ to make this movie. It has that nice eerie nostalgia feel indicative of all Stephen King flicks. I assume the filmmaker, Christopher Nolan, had a love […]


31 Days of Halloween

Hello! Its been a minute. Life has been wild! I will have new movies ⚡️COMING SOON!⚡️ Also, I will be revamping my site. While I’m constructing, For next 31 days I will be watching a horror film a day and posting a daily vlog. 🎃🎃31 Days of Halloween!🎃🎃 Join me! It’s gonna be fun!