DYI for the Demented : Evil Clowns & Deadly Ghost

Evil Clowns & Deadly Ghost

…And so it begins…

I always say, “July in Los Angeles is primetime for drug habits and contemplating life choices. Sure, the month kicks off on a holiday weekend high. However, it quickly fizzles down and out. This is the time of year when Tv shows go on hiatus and summer movies often shot in June/August  have either wrapped or have yet to begin pre-production.  Leaving July as an unofficial entertainment industry stand still stay-cation. 

At first, it’s fun. Until, the magical allure of binging, boozing and sometimes self-destructive boredom wares away. I’m no good with boredom. AND the screeching heat of the summer sun can be the gateway to angst and insanity

” Why is everything going wrong right now NOW?! What am I doing with my life?  Will my dreams ever come true?” etc. etc. etc.

Is the world actually ending? No, of course not. It’s just July in LA.

FYI as an artist, indulging inner struggle is my natural disposition. 

So when I read this message on facebook 


It was like my present reality had taken on a new light. Again, artist.

The message was from Tom Newth very cool hippie Avant garde Brit Pop director/cinematographer. 


I have worked with him many times in the past few of years. This was to be his horror film debut and he wanted to me to be a part of it.

After reading the script about ghosts, clowns, blood, guts and gore we chatted. Tom told me it was going to be a 5 day shoot in in Nevada with one day in LA.

” I believe with the right cast we could make something really kind off cool. But, you know how these movies go. Long hours and not a lot of frills other than food and lodging.  “

Way to honey the pot, I thought to myself as my auto response replied,” Does our food include beer?”

He swiftly answered “Beer is food,” spoken like the true Brit.

Fair enough.

I don’t know if it was my desperate need to get the hell out of LA or my endless quest for adventure but a day later I responded:


It was official. I was cast in

The Ghost of William MacReady

as the lead role of Mya.

Maybe this movie would be just what I needed to lift my spirits. Maybe fate had stepped in to save my sanity. 


Or maybe

Something wicked this way was about to come….

Welcome to the world of DIY for the Demented, the REAL WORLD of independent filmmaking. 13 strangers head to the desert to make a horror movie in less than 7 days. See what happens when things stop being silly and start getting crazy…

Blood, guts and gore, inevitably a wild ride. Truth be told, this ride was a bit of a weirder than most as there were a few twist and turns no one could have seen coming…


IG: Thisgirlzlife

Twitter: @tashat333

The calm before the storm…


Tomorrow, I am starting & starring in a new movie. At the crack of dawn and or 9am, I head to the desert for a week. It’s a creepy one.

A little hint:





Can we all just agree there is no shortage of magic in my life.

Blood, guts and gore here I come!


IG: Thisgirlzlife

Twitter: Tashat333

Stay tuned 😉

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Hollywood Diversity… It’s about time!


So excited to be apart of the


Hollywood Diversity 

Directed by the uber talented international Indian director Shuja Paul.

Hollywood craves for Diversity but aspiring immigrant students soon find out the road to Hollywood is paved with sharks and wolves.


Tasha Tacosa as Heather in “Hollywood Diversity “

I play, Heather, a high priced attorney with sass, skill and an interesting take on the term “Pro bono”…. 

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*It’s time Hollywood realizes that it takes ALL TYPES to make the world go round*

DanniSuperStar (behind the scenes)


AND my latest project:

Racy, sassy, sexy series


Created & written by 

Tasha Tacosa


the wild side always seems to find its way to me…


Bubbly  big eyed sexy Danni has always dreamed of being a star! Her husband Jed, still rocking and awesome from his high school glory days, believes in his wife’s special talents 😉 and is determined to make it happen. Together they are ” Doin IT Dirty ” Productions, a little family adult film company with BIG dreams.


“Jed” Michael  Goulis “Danni” Tasha Tacosa

*** Set ***

” Doin It Dirty Productions “

( D N D Productions )

Aka Danni & Jed’s bedroom


Where love and XXX hardcore make the world go round. ❤ ❤ ❤




Just your typical set with crafty, lights, camera,


a role playing wall,


a tools of the trade table,


AND of course the all important place of passion… a purple fur bed 😉

It’s just another day in the valley/ Chatsworth. Jed (Michael GOULIS) and Danni (Tasha Tacosa), married and in love just as deeply they were the  first night they banged drunk off of Jack Daniels and wine coolers on their high school football field senior year, are getting ready to go to work. Until RICKY (Jared Winkler), a wholesome kid from the mid-west shows up for his first day of work as D-N-D’s new P.A. sound guy. Quickly, Ricky realizes he is no longer in Kansas…😲


Ricky: Jared Winkler

Danni Superstar is a sassy sexy satirical peek and or peep show into the modern world of of home porn. Where literally anything can happen, almost everything does and that’s alright because  Danni and Jed believe as long as they always have love, honesty, and hot  XXX hardcore sex everything will work out right….



*Cinematographer / Co-director / Producer * Jack Macllvain


Make-up artist/ Art Department/ Sound: Alexandra DiNardo


Co-director/ Producer: Tasha Tacosa


Art Dept: Jimmy Ramirez


Sex Toys Consultant: Erin Tillman aka @datingadvicegirl


That’s a wrap! DANNI SUPER☆

Follow us as the journey of debauchery has just begun 😉




Snapchat: DanniSuperstar



Tasha Tacosa as Danni Super☆

” Life is short… So Live Love Laugh…and do it dirty cause it’s fun!”💋💋💋